New Spindle/Disk Sander

I recently purchased a new Grizzly G0529 Oscillating & 12" Disc Sander.

This sander is much nicer than anything we have had in the past and has a spindle all the way down to 1/4" unlike many other models. It can be put on the stand like in the picture or mounted on a bench. I have about $450 in purchasing this but would allow the Hive to purchase it for $350 if we are interested. I brought this up at the meeting last night so we can vote on it in an upcoming meeting. Hopefully we can discuss things here to see if there is any interest. Not really a big deal to me either way, I just figure it would be put to better use here than in my basement.


This is a nice solid piece. Coybdid we ever get the brackets replaced that were bent? And is it up and running? If so I think this would be a great asset to the community.

Yes, I ordered new brackets and installed them already. I believe this would be a great addition to our woodworking shop with my only concern being where it will sit and how we could fit it in with our other tools.