New Space Layout and High Level Organizational Structure During Move

At the meeting last night, we reached concurrence on the attached drawing as the basis for our floorplan. This design will continue to be tweaked and evolve as we get further into this move, but this defines the major areas and space allocation we will be building toward for our initial move-in.

At a high level, the transition will be phased with the first month (March) being structural and electrical infrastructure build-out, and planning and preparation within our current space. Beginning in the second month (April) we will be setting a goal of getting one major area/ward of Hive13 moved and operational in the new space every two weeks. This high level schedule will likely be posted within the next few days

To accomplish this, we will be establishing “task teams,” or groups of people who have the skills or motivation to get some portion of the project driven to completion. The teams will both be task oriented (the wall builders, the cable pullers, etc.) as well as activity/space oriented (team kitchen, team lasers, team wood shop, etc.). We will be working on listing out these teams over the next few days and will post a signup sheet for people to join a team or two as you feel you are best suited. The teams will likely be limited to ~5 people per team (though that is not to say more people can’t help, it’s just that those people will be responsible for driving that aspect to completion as leaders).

These task teams will have the authority to make the necessary decisions about the final implementation of whatever the team is in charge of. Task teams will be encouraged to take input from all embers, but the final say will be up to those teams (or the board if an item cannot be resolved within the team).

Each task team will need to select a team lead, who will be the primary point of contact for that team, and will be responsible for tracking the budget that team is allocated and reporting purchases to leadership so it gets tallied in our total budget. The team leads will also serve as the primary person to resolve conflicts/disagreements within that team’s zone of effort, or if the disagreement/conflict needs to be elevated, the board of directors will serve as the arbitrators during this process.

During the move process, we will be having a weekly move planning/coordination meeting on Thursdays at 7:30pm, in our current space for now. When we start getting access to the new space, we will let everyone know the week before where the next meeting will be. These meetings will remain open to all who are interested, just as last night’s meeting was, and it will be necessary for each task team to have at least one representative present to relay statuses and plans forward between leadership and the people working the task.

Some notes on keeping our culture healthy, and maintaining communications and forward progress during transition:

  • things will get shuffled, lost, damaged and purged during this process, keep cool about it, we can replace stuff if needed
  • We need to move relatively quickly, so it needs to be OK for the people actively working on things to make decisions without the consent of people who are not able to participate that day/week, just keep email and slack messages flowing of what progress and decisions are made each day
  • we are all on the same team, and if someone has the energy to drive something you only half care about, trust that they are doing what they feel is in the best interest of the hive.
  • Nothing is permanent, if two competing ideas clash, just make an effort to pick one, if it doesn’t work out we can try the other in 6 months.
    Again, and I can’t stress this enough, Thank you to everyone who has, is, and will be putting effort into this move, everyone’s help is immensely appreciated. This will be a ton of work, but we’ve got it, and this new phase of Hive13’s history will be full of awesome things.


Kevin McLeod
Hive13 Secretary

PotentialLayout0006_2020-02-21_MeetingConcensus.pdf (356 KB)


Great work on moving this along.

I hope to be able to participate in one or another team.

Could the the welding shop and the [laser & grinding/metal lathe] shops be swapped?
This would remove the open spark source of the the welders from the fuel source of wood dust.
The paint booth could be put in the grinder/metal lathe section and allow easy evacuation
of paint solvents without exposure to spark sources.


I think for the moment we have nailed down the general location of areas because we have to in order to give the landlord instructions for their build out. This is not to say that we can’t change our minds tomorrow or six months from now but Kevin’s design got an overwhelming thumbs up in a room of 25+ people on Thursday despite small differences of opinion. Although thoughts, opinions and ideas are welcome all the time the Thursday meeting is probably the best forum to participate in to argue for outright rearranging the big picture design.


Thanks for the feedback. Here’s another thought about making the Paint Booth and the Welding shop less prone to fire:

Hive13 proposal alternate 2.pdf (555 KB)

John, the paint booth doesn't even exist yet. The layout 0006 is what we agreed to start out with. In the future, we all agree that we want paint out of the wood and metal shops, but there won't be space at day 1. It is likely to happen at our first expansion in the new space though

ok, thanks

Just getting caught up on emails. Might be nice to have some fume evacuation in the electronics/fab lab area. Nothing fancy, perhaps a duct/fan to get smelly stuff away from the general space. Outside would be better. Perhaps tapping into the laser exhaust? Might be better to keep them separate.

Maybe one of the “infrastucture” committees will consider keeping fumes, dust out of the air and away from welding sparks.



I forgot about this earlier, but we have had some intermittent electrical problems with the CNC router in the past,
so I was thinking that it might be a good idea to keep the CNC away from the welding equipment and their high voltage arcs.

Attached is a proposed layout to accommodate that:

HIve13 Proposal alternate 3.pdf (581 KB)

Instead of changing the layout which has been discussed ad nauseum, let’s take this opportunity, while the CNC will be down for the move, to get the CNC’s electronics in a shielded metal electrical enclosure so that this won’t ever be a concern again.

Memory dims.

The CNC electrical issue is a solved problem.

The CNC was rewired with shielded wire,star grounding and software tuned with debounce timing to eliminate the issue.

It has not been seen since this cure was implemented in early 2019.

No further work on this is required.

I knew it had been worked on, I didn’t know the cure had been time tested.