New space definite needs:

Since we will have two, very separate spaces, we will need communication via a:


Anyone down to make it awesome?


How about Pneumatic Tube Trash Removal? I hear it’s a real thing at some 100 year old apartments in NYC, along with mail delivery.

You’re being overly practical, Andrew. It doesn’t need to accomplish anything practical, in fact, it’s much cooler if it doesn’t.

LOL! Semaphore Internet?

I am down. My one specification is that it has to be large/powerful enough
to move a 1TB laptop hard drive so I can use it to demonstrate the
difference between bandwidth and latency.

Pneumatic Tube Transport TCP? It can operate by sending HDD back and forth!

Yes, I like your thinking.

I also want a totally pointless mode in which it just shoots things around in a loop without stopping…

A USB HDD isn’t too big. The trick for larger capsules is simply a good seal and a gentle bend. Sharp corners are not good with pneumatic things (whether sending HDD or sucking up dust). Nobody ever seems to understand that one except Andrew… Air pressure does not handle corners as well as most think…


I always thought the train in Mr Roger’s Neighborhood was the coolest. We could do a REALLY big loop with all the space a the hive.

Slot car track with bracket racing :slight_smile:

That would double membership in a month!