New sandpaper and new organization


We now have really nice sand paper sheets and sanding belts for the table top Ridgid sander. These were expensive, but they will last a long, long time if taken care of.

ALL of our sandpaper sheets are now in an expanding file folder on the same shelves, organized by grit size. The sanding belts are on the back peg wall, also organized, with a bin to place spent paper… A bag of small pieces of leftover sandpaper is on the shelves as well until further organization.

Please don’t throw away any sand paper; place it in the box if you think it is not functional anymore. I will determine if it is worth cleaning and keeping.

See attached pictures. Real signs for the box and folder will be coming soon!


2015-05-15 23.18.05.jpg

2015-05-15 23.18.26.jpg

2015-05-15 23.18.57.jpg

It looks GREAT!!!