New round of learn to solder badges

As most of you know, we used up all of the learn to solder kits at the cincy maker fair last year.

We’ve been asked to do the soldering class at the boon county public library’s monthly DIY event on May 12th.

If we start ordering now we probably can have them ready by then, so I said that we (or I at least) will be there.

I would like to have a funding vote this Tuesday, or if that’s too soon, have it put up for a vote then for voting the next week.

The budget last time was for $750 I believe and that’s the amount I’d like to propose be voted upon. In reality, it should work out to be quite a bit less than that since I’ll be ordering everything except the boards themselves ($475) myself, taking it out of money I owe the hive from this tip Jar from the makerfair. I’m just proposing the original budget in case something falls through.

Speaking of which, I was going to reach out to OSH park and check to see if he will give us the same deal this time, but Dave said that he would have that conversation. Dave, can you please do that soon, so we can be sure on the ordering? The deal last time was 500 for $0.95 each, with a three week lead time. So we are going to have to order very soon.