New Range for the Hackerspace

Hey, all.

I dropped off an electric range at the space, yesterday, only to
discover (remember) that the spot set up for one doesn't have a 240
outlet but rather has a gas line and 110. It's a good, working unit
and we'd like to see it go to good use, even if it's just for reflow
or powdercoating but it would require a 240V line be run to wherever
it's to be installed.


Shouldn't be that big a deal. We need to look at the breaker box and make sure it can support a 220/240V breaker, and wire it up. If it doesn't, then things get complicated. :slight_smile:

PlayerTwo wrote:

There is a 240V breaker in the space already, however, it is over near where the MAME cabinet is located.

We could just relocate the line to the kitchen area. No big deal. Need parts though. (wire, outlet box, outlet, etc.)

Does anyone have the electrical expertise to do this work? Also depending on cost I may be willing to subsidize it. Can we figure out an estimate?


I believe at the meeting last week (12/1/09) it was determined that the cost of the wire alone was going to be almost $100, that plus other parts was going to bring the cost to about $130. Also it was mentioned that in order to be up to code we might need to also run the entire length in conduit which would further add to the cost.

I think the general consensus at the end of the meeting was that we might be able to pick up a gas stove on craigslist for less than the cost of running all of the wire for the electric stove and that we might just move the electric stove over close to the actual 240V box and use it for non-food purposes.

So at the moment, it is kind of in limbo as to what all we are going to do with it. If nothing else we could install it over by the 240V box for now and use it for food until we get a gas stove.

I can do the work.

i thought the final disposition was that we would run a shorter length of wire to the corner where the network cable is all stacked up and hook up a vent?

the shorter wire would be cheaper and we could still pick up a gas stove on craigslist for the kitchen

@ChrisA that is kinda what i was trying to say in my email but I think I might have kinda rambled around it.

Either way, I can do it. Just give me a date and time. I’ll bring my tools.

Either or. I bought a 240V 3 prong outlet for the stove, so you're
free to use that if you
want. I bought it when I thought I was going to do the job - I don't
care so much who
does it, as long as it gets done. I did think that we were going to
have someone talk
to someone about paying for the wire?