New projects in Wiki from new member: rEd86


I have attended a few of the meetings for the past two months and will
be officially joining Hive13 tomorrow. I have met many of you already
and look forward to meeting everyone else over the year. I have
already set up a few projects in the wiki and I wanted to invite
people to participate if you are interested.

The first is to create an Electric Shop Furnace. This is a cleaner/
quieter type of foundry that we can use to melt softer metals like
aluminum. You can read more about it here:

I also have started planning an Arduino Soda Machine Monitor. The
idea is to monitor the status of our soda machine and allow us to
remotely check on whether we need to pick up more soda from a web
interface. (as well as get alerts when the "Sold Out" light is on for
a selections) Here is the start of the planning phase:

See everyone tomorrow night!


the soda machine monitor is a great idea since the networked coke
machine was a great example of early hacking:

Awesome project idea Ed! I signed myself onto your project team.
Look forward to seeing you tomorrow night. What do you want to cast