New Open Workshops!

As a result of the last board meeting it was decided that all the board members and anybody else who would like to volunteer for a ‘leadership’ role can host an Open Workshop!

What’s an Open Workshop? Well it’s just a day where some time is set aside for people to show up and work on their projects. Each Open Workshop leader will have at least one day a month that they will host one of these events. You can work on any project during that time but the person hosting the event will have a target project or theme that they personally will be focused on.

These events are (will be) posted on the Hive13 calendar along with a blog posting. The blog posting will happen shortly before the actual event and will include what the focus is on as well as any other active projects that maybe going on at that time. If you want to join in on a project be sure to check these out. There are some very cool projects coming up and these workshops will be the perfect time to get together to build something cool!

Watch the blog for more info!