New Location for Safety Glasses

Hey everyone,

I made a new safety glasses holder during my wood shop open house today!

The safety glasses are now located on the back wall peg board (see picture). Please remember to put your glasses back in the holder. This will prevent scratches and extra dust/grime from collecting on them. Glad we finally have a better way to organize them, rather than being thrown in a gross cardboard box!



This looks awesome! I wish I would have remembered the open house :frowning:

Oliver has been fussy all day today anyways, so it wouldn’t have worked out for me…


Thank you!

I plan to have open houses each month as described in the other email. (tours, teaching/learning opportunities, working on projects, etc.).

Then I also plan to have just open shop hours every two weeks, where I will be working on my own project. For open hours I hope people will just come down to work and finish things along side each other. (Kind of like old “Finish it fridays” working on individual projects).