New Laser

Ryan and I cleaned and moved the new laser into the Fab Lab today. I was able to get it to work in test mode, but we still do not have the software to drive it from the computer yet. It also needs to be plumbed into the venting system before use.

Do not attempt to use this laser at this time until we resolve those two issues and I can put together something around a training session, as the use of this laser differs from the current laser in some significant ways.


What do you need for vent? I have a decent amount of HVAC vent supplies laying around. I just scrapped a ton of it about 2 weeks ago. :frowning:


Awesome! Anyone take any pictures?

For venting we need a y fitting for the duct work. Not sure what size though… Maybe we can just 3d print one. :slight_smile:

The fablab security camera was pointing right at it until recently. :smiley:

Can someone return the camera to it’s original orientation, pointing at the center of the room? These cameras are intended to let us see who’s in the space, and the current angle doesn’t work well for this purpose. I’ll move it later today if no one’s able to address the problem before I arrive.


  • Ry

Actually Ry, you couldn’t see it in the orientation it was in. you could see the bottom of it but that was all. I moved the webcam so we could check on the gigabot (which was the original intention of putting that webcam there if you recall). The orientation of the gigabot does prohibit one from actually seeing how the print is doing though. Perhaps a solution would be this: point the existing camera at the lasers and install a second camera from the other side of the space to point at the gigabot.

If anyone wants to take on the project of building up a Raspberry Pi Camera system for 3D printer monitoring, I'd be happy to provide a project overview, pointers to relevant reference material, and any necessary hardware. I've built up the proof of concept once already. I just never made time for the fit and finish work.

If someone has time to devote to this, let me know.

I was able to do some minor engraving tonight on the laser. The driver is installed and hooked up to the computer, however, vector cutting is not enable at this time. Also, we need to hook up the air assist and ventilation system prior to actual use.

One other item, this laser cutter is significantly more expensive when it comes to consumables, so we will need to talk about that and the pricing to use it at the next meeting.


What are the consumables, does the tube burn out faster, or are there other consumables?

The tube is significantly more expensive. I believe Bill mentioned $2800 as the price.

The laser is a Synrad 25 watt laser. To recharge it is about $2800. As I don’t have a power meter available, I can’t tell how much it is actually putting out, but I do know that it currently is able to at least engrave deeply plywood, however, I haven’t tried cutting with it yet… not until we get the ventilation and air assist installed.

I just wanted to make sure it was known early that the costs would be greater and have it documented for discussion.