new handle for table saw

Insomnia has kicked my ass yet again so I spent a little time at the space tonight working on some of my parts for stuff however wanted to start making things for the space down here that if you feel are helpful awesome… If they are a whom whomp whhhhhaaaaaa feel free to tell me and I will remove it. I am a thick skinned person so a what the hell is that will not upset me lol i will likely laugh and agree. So yeah I bumped into the table saw handle and it fell off again and was able to find some steel tube, sheet metal, and a metal nut to weld in so its all metal with a top cover to keep from injuries with everything rounded. I felt the need to bling it out as I noticed some gold spray paint without a name, if it belongs to someone let me know ill throw you some cash i used a little of it. So yeah check out the pics and or for yourself at the hive and hopefully it works for everyone. Note: it is heavy duty and had a hole drilled through the pipe to stick a metal rod (philips screwdriver) in as the tool to tighten or remove it. :slight_smile:

handle raw.jpg

handle bling 1.jpg

handle bling 2.jpg

Also my new knurling tool arrived for the lathe so we can cut textured teeth into parts on the lathe to add finish or grip to things, its how i got the finish on the metal on there. I will leave it on the rack by the lathe, the one that is good to go has a KS welded on it the other I have to cut down to fit this lathe still. Feel free to give it a try if you would like.


Overkilling is the best kind of killing.

Thank you Midas - outstanding.

Omg! That is freaking awesome! I would love to learn how to add the texture to items :slight_smile:

Ryan I figured if I made one it might as well work on the next table saw as well right??? I could have forgone the handle all together and just added a magnetic locking system that was voice activated but I didn’t have the extra 30 minutes lol

Thank you! The 3d printed one was a great replacement, thank you again Will. I think it couldn’t handle the stress though. This is great, and I love the paint job!


I really liked wills but I knocked it off on accident so I wanted to throw something on it and not just leave it. Now if we had a metal 3d printer or cnc lathe it could have been replicated better but for the few minutes I threw into it lol I figured it would be faster than the 3d printer

A CNC Lathe is something that I really want to see at the hive and that will not be to hard to modify the existing one.

Thanks Kevin for the job!