New full Member

I just want to make a quick announcement on a new full member. Ramon aka Amergim has subscribed to be a Hive13 Member. I’m making this announcement to the mailing list because he usually can’t make it to the Tuesday meetings and I don’t want anybody to freak if they see him after public hours :slight_smile:

FYI, Ramon is the guy who won the MAME cabinet at the grand opening party


We had two people fill out applications at Tuesday night’s meeting! (assuming Paul found the form for the second applicant, which he was looking for when I left for the evening)


Next time we get a chance, we should get the Polaroid camera out and
get pictures up on the wall 'o members. :slight_smile: Is anyone else out there
a member with no picture up on the wall?


Welcome aboard, Ramon! I missed you xoxoxo.