New DMM has arrived

Greg received the new Digital MultiMeter!
I gave it a quick check and it agreed with our bench DMM so I think it is ready for use. I labeled it Hive13 and put it on the electrical bench.




I have that exact same one. Did it come with the thermocouple as well?

No. Bummer.

I’ll look into the thermocouple kit.


Yes it did. I put it right next to it. It may have migrated to the tool tray, though.

I have that one too, and have long since misplaced the thermocouple.

I think it’s the one that Limor Fried used to recommend in a “good set of tools to get started in electronics with” article.

Cool. I did not see it on the bench. Thought it was weird that it wasn’t in the set.

I’ll search for it Tuesday night.

I checked it against the 3478A and it was identical up to the three digits displayed in the little DMM.

I was impressed for the money spent.

I have the “Cool tools” book. (
I think the electronics would get outdated quickly but some of the hand tools are very cool indeed.