New communication medium?

Church lady says discuss.

How about just using the Hive13 email accounts for the listserve? That way it would be members only.


Technically we already have that since we have google email addresses. It is possible to send mail to (not publicly tho…damn spammers :wink: and “fullmember” or “contributing” also email their respective groups. I don’t think everybody has setup email forwarding from their hive13 accounts yet but if they did that would work as a listserve.


Right. I figured that would be the easiest solution. It’s already in place and functioning. It’s limited to members. That way we keep the functionality we already have and we can just migrate away from the cincinnati hackerspace group.

Yeah I don’t think we need to like close the Google group, but we should edit it to say “we now use our internal lists, please send us a message on the group if you want” and the traffic will just die out.

And if it is possible we should set up an auto-response for the group, that if someone sends a message to the google groups it sends a canned response with something like, “Thanks for your interest, we are currently using a different mailing list”

“We’re sorry but the number you are trying to reach has been changed. Then new number is . Please make a note of it. Message Hive13. doo-dee-doo-dee-doo-dee-doo-dee-doo-dee”

is it possible to use a whitelist with the all@hive13 address? that way the list will only get email from other accounts.

That is basically how it already works. It’s not a white list but it will only allow people logged into to send to “all”

I have a Hive13 Test Nabble forum up at - so far it’s fairly painless. I need a few more people to post and test it to know for sure if it does what we want it to - it doesn’t kick out email digests to me if I’m the one posting.

The site lets you subscribe via email with pretty impressive granularity - all the way from the entire board down to individual threads (direct replies only) in a single topic of conversation. It is also embeddable in arbitrary webpages, so integrating it into a redesigned Google Pages-less version of won’t be difficult.

Downsides are that since it’s a third party hosted application, we won’t have full control over it. There are also some odd restrictions on moderation - we have to collectively “vote down” spam to make it disappear, rather than being able to delete individual posts or block individual people - voting down a spammer’s spam will make the spammer eventually disappear as well.

I’m still looking into the mechanisms, but Nabble treats “mailing list” and “forum” rather interchangably - you can look at the mailing list in a forums-style output, and you can reply to the mailing list via email and it’ll show up in the forums.


To amend my previous post, I have gotten email digests from my own forums posts, it just took a few minutes longer than my patience lasted.I was able to reply to the email digest and my reply showed up in the forums post - provided my email address I replied from matched that I was registered under on Nabble.


Being a 3rd party app hosted somewhere else can be good in that we don’t have to manage the security. If say the hackerspace nabble gets hacked then we just say it’s nabbles fault :slight_smile: We only have to admin the logistics of the site. Personally I’m fine with this approach and we are currently using a lot of 3rd party stuff like google apps.

As far as forums go this appears to be as good as any. But I don’t troll forums much so we should wait for others opinions.

Hmm… do new messages on the mailing list get posted to the Nabble board though? I am not seeing stuff on there from the mailing list.

I don’t think so. I believe you have to send mail to nabble for it to get posted on there.

The way it works is someone who wants to treat the boards like a mailing list can subscribe to the entire board so Nabble sends them individual emails for each post made to the board. They can reply to the emails Nabble sends out and their reply will be attached to the message thread just like they had posted in the forums. The only kink is that to start NEW threads you either have to post to Nabble like a forum, or send an email to a specific email address Nabble generates for you per forum/thread/whatever.

Hmm… so you can’t auto-subscribe Nabble to the mailing list and drop all emails that are not categorized into a “general” forum?

Not sure, I’ll have to play with it. I know you CAN address book the custom email address it would give you for a particular forum, and any email you send there would show up in the forum and the forum would pass it along to anyone subscribed to said forum. It’s pretty slick… blurs the lines between forum and mailing list a lot.

Please, feel free to hop on and play with it, try to break it, whatever. I think it’s a great fit but you all have to agree too… :slight_smile: