New Cincinnati Public Library event information & online sign up

Hey everybody,

I had to leave the state a little early, but I still like to make these Cincinnati public library events happen, even though I’m not there right now. So, if you’re still interested in demonstrating, and teaching kids about chemistry, please add your name to the online sign-up below:

Even if you sign up in person with me, please add your name to the above form.

Please note that all interested volunteers available on June 18 should go to the hive event scheduled at the Clermont County public library. That event is being coordinated by Dave B.

At this point, it is likely that the weekday events may be canceled due to availability of members. However, if you can lead one of these weekday events, please add your name. If we have a reliable group of people who can commit to these events, I will not need to cancel.



Also, please fill out one of these forms and drop it off at hive 13. It’s a silly HR/union thing, but they want us to do it. Ideally, we need to have these forms filled out and dropped off to them more than a week in advance of each event. So, if you sign up, fill one out. Yes, they are insisting that these need to be printed with a wet ink signature (I don’t get it either).


OPERSACK_presenter-performer_2016.pdf (151 KB)