New Additions to the Kitchen, and let's track down a lost item!

I’ve acquired some new items for our kitchen setup:

  • 16 Dish towels and a drying pad
  • Two misters. Right now, one mister has bourbon in it (It’s indicated by the silver “B” on top). The other mister will have Extra Virgin Olive Oil in it, and has “EVOO” written on top.
  • Silicon Mats for baking
  • Three Cooling Racks
  • A digital Scale and 50 gram calibration weight
  • Metered measuring cup (for wet and dry) and metered measuring spoon (from 1/2 tsp to 1 tlbsp in 1/2 tsp increments)
  • A magnetic knife holder

John has mounted the knife holder and moved the knives that were in the drawer to it. In the next few days, I will sharpen the ones that I feel comfortable doing so. I’ve added some containers for Flour, Sugar, and the like to my next Amazon order and will bring them in when I get them.

If you know of anything that you think our kitchen needs, please let me know, and I will look at acquiring it for our space.

Also, it appears that a hive member (Tiffany Bell-Horwath) has lost a spring form baking pan. I’ve been in the process of inventorying the items in the Kitchen (to make cooking at the space easier), however, I can’t find it in the pans that belong to hive13. If you know where it is, could you please reach out to her so that the lost pan can find its way back home?

I actually found it! Thanks for the email Ian! I am all good! I left my stand mixer at the hive for people to use, so feel free to use it!

I have a halfway decent knife sharpener. Basically a fancy angle grinder. I’ll try to bring it with me next time I come down. Reduces the time to get a decent edge by about a factor of 20.

When I first read " Right now, one mister has bourbon in it" I immediately imagined an inebriated man.