Network re-arrangement, new internet

I moved the firewall and an unused UPS up to the wiring rack. It is now connected to both cable modems (768x5 old, 2x10 new) and very basic configuration has been done. I’m writing this email to you on the hive network so I didn’t leave things in a broken state.

If any of my hive IT helpers want to play around with connection bonding in pfsense, this would be a great time to do it. Old connection is “WAN” new is “WAN2” - I put a quad GBE card in the server instead of the dual card so we have more interfaces. WAN2 is configed with correct static IP, etc. Other than that config is more or less unchanged.

I have to run now, but I (or others?) will soon be bringing you much faster interwebs soon.


I will probably be down tonight to play with some connection bonding. I need moar speed!