Network Party - Postponed - New target date 8/15.

I got the quote back from Eric for the network equipment, and
unfortunately it's way over budget. The budget we approved is $300,
and Anixster quoted us $575 - and that quote only includes one 1000
foot reel of cat5e wire. Our cost for just the wire and necessary
mounting hardware comes out to about $300 even, leaving us no room for
purchasing of the jacks and surface mount blocks themselves - and my
plan for this weekend didn't even include wiring up the office area!
We could use cheaper wire and less mounting hardware, but if there's
one thing I want to do once and do right it's the wire hanging since
replacing it will be a huge hassle if it goes bad.

Based on this, I've decided to postpone the Networking Party until
Saturday the 15th. In the time until the party, I would like to firm
up getting the full size rack mounted and into place, getting the
eventual core switch racked and programmed, and to gather all the
needed supplies. My goal is to lay all the wire on the same day, and
then follow up with wiring as many jacks as we can afford over however
long it takes to get it all purchased.

Karl, do you want to set up a night where we can all help you get the
rack moved into place in the switch room? I'll be free during the day
this Saturday to help with that, as well as Sunday.

Starbuck, were you still wanting to get that 24 port switch Larry
donated configured ahead of the networking party? Let me know, I'd
love to help out and dust off my IOS skillz.

All of the rest of you - we need cat5e jacks and surface mount blocks.
My original plan included approximately 35 drops to be wired with
jacks, 2 four-port surface mount blocks, 9 two-port surface mount
blocks, and five one-port surface mount blocks. I have 10 Leviton
jacks and 2 Leviton two-port surface mount blocks that I will be
donating, relics of a project in my old apartment that never happened.
The more jacks the better - there is still the inside of the office
area and the Lab infrastructure to be wired up after the big room is
all wired


Would it be OK if we make the internet router a linux box? This allows for an iptables firewall, IPS, cacheing services, port knockers…whatever. Just needs to be a simple box with two NICs. I can build this if that is OK for your network layout.

So what part needs to be done by the professional? The running of the cable or the whole thing? Maybe we can just buy however much more cable we need and get that run. Assuming that we are not pros at making the actual jacks at least those can be easily redone. Timewarner was suppose to call me today but it can take as long as Mid Friday. Hopefully I’ll have our tube of internet installed in the next few days.


I do not know a ton about ethernet cables, but how much of a difference is there in the quality between $55 for a 1000ft box, or $123 for a 1000ft box?

I am looking at where we can get two 1000ft boxes for $141 shipped. If we order it today it will definitely be here by next saturday.

You get what you pay for with cable, let me tell you from experience.

Depending on what is required, I have cat5 tools and punchdown tools.

I have a crimper I can bring, not sure if we will need it.

I have a fscking shit load of cable. Just sayin. I only need a few hundred feet for my house. The rest I can donate.

I likewise have my own tools and cable tester.


Likewise with the crimper; think I've got an old cable tester of
Karen's as well. Don't have any jacks or any more cable though.

Yeah, I used to have a bag of jacks from the old days, but damned if I can remember where they are. If I remember I’ll be glad to donate them though. (This is Karen btw)

my friend at cincinnati bell recommended milestek over anixter for better pricing. also, he suggested a trip to mendelson’s in dayton. i think we are overdue for a family trip to dayton to visit this magical place.

Ah, the “Mendelson’s Pilgrimage”, it has been brought up before. So, should we start a new thread to discuss when we might set upon our magical journey to the Emerald Palace?

I have crimpers as well and will borrow a tester from work (colorblindness makes cabling ++) also mendelson pilgrimage makes me giddy :smiley:

i am currently broke from defcon, and don’t get paid til the 15th (monthly salary FTL) but some time after that for a trip to mendelson’s would be win.

Just want to give a hello to Mr. Bardes whom I know from Mr. Peabodies Wayback Machine. Glad you decided to join the madness.


"All old people know each other."

/me shakes his four footed cane at Ello.
Damn kids!

Seriously... what better time to pull out that quote?