Network maintenance complete

After some talk yesterday on Slack about how horrible the internet connection was behaving, I came down this morning and started on what turned out to be a lengthy migration project here at the space. Everything is now going through a MikroTik RB493G router and I’m consistently pulling 100/50 over the wired network now. On wireless, your mileage may vary depending on which frequency band your device uses to connect.

External access to intweb was down for most of the day but should be 100% within the next 12 hours as the DNS change propagates. If you can get to it from home/work/coffee shop/your mobile device, you’re good to go!

What seemed like a very simple task turned into a whole days worth of work.

Thank you for your help, Drew.

Thanks for working on this!

Thank you Drew. This is a super step up for the Hive.


I’ll take my laptop down and try it out. It was taking me 1h 20m to upload a 20 MB file to an AWS S3 bucket on Friday.

Thank you so much, Drew. My employer is flexible enough to let me work from remote (i.e. Hive13) quite a bit if I want to so long as I actually accomplish work. Your efforts truly help to make this lifestyle possible!


Thanks Drew!

I am confirming that the network performance is significantly better. The same operation that took around 1h 20m on Friday took less than 10 minutes this morning.

Thanks again, Drew!

Yay for Drew!