Network is back...

As of last night (as promised) 95% of the network is back. Almost everything fits in the 42U Compaq rack on wheels that I donated. It’s over in the back corner behind the pallet racks over by the dirty room now.

Internet is UP
FaStor is UP
Schizo is UP
Hubuntu is UP
MonStor is DOWN

I still have to distribute load among the UPSes better. It might be nice ™ to replace our UPS conglomeration with a single big mofo, but we can deal with that later. The servers are on a dedicated circuit, which should be good enough for now.

MonStor however lived up to its name. I couldn’t remember how I got it to boot off a USB stick previously (some weird bios settings?) I got angry and ordered a MSA20 to use as a 16 bay disk shelf. spent about $100 total between the MSA20 and cabling.

It would also be really nice ™ to get an IP KVM.

Cya tonight folks (gasp!)
-Dave B.

Hmm… trying to hit up Hubuntu to restart the webcam scripts, but it would appear that is not redirecting me to the Hive…

Is there another address we should be using for remote access? isn’t our DDNS anymore.

And what’s more amazing - the documentation is fairly up to date!


Is working for you?

yeah, but I guess the port forward to hubuntu is being whack? I’ll look at it tonight.

Actually nix that… hubuntu appears offline. I’ll sort it out tonight.

Yeah, hubuntu was offline when we left last night. Jon tried to ping it, and I was checking for webcam uploads. Then I think something shiny caught my attention and I wandered away. We can pummel it a bit further after the meeting.

I have an IP KVM with a dead power supply, probably quite repairable. I’ll try to dig it up, and maybe some SIP pods. I’d need a count on USB vs PS/2 sips.

OOOOOHHHH please oh please! I was going to twitch and buy one on ebay (like I just did with the MSA20… Sigh.)
Almost all of our servers are PS2. All the ones in the rack (5) are. The 3 that Ian is working on I’m not 100% sure about. They’re newer, might be more USBish.

I have to go grab some stuff from that part of town, I’ll try to bring it down today.

Marr emailed you off list. Call me

Err matt. One handed smartphone driving email ugh