Network Hacking Project

Any Hive members network experts that can capture packets to/from a device on wifi to help reverse engineer a subset of the communication protocol? (based on some assumptions) Tired of waiting for the company to release their developer APIs.


I can help you grab packets for analysis. Do you have a test network set up?

Thanks Chris. I haven’t set up a test network. Initially I tried a Raspberry Pi Bridge (using the ethernet connection on the device) but found the communications to the device was different in ethernet mode instead of wireless. The device is controlled via a mobile app, either on the same wifi network or via a hotspot on the device. So I want to put both on a wifi network and see what traffic the app is sending to the device.



There are android apps which setup a fake VPN on the device which will log all traffic in a format that WireShark can render.

Once you have captured the data you want, you can save off the requests to a file & transfer them to your computer for analysis.

I have used this before to reverse engineer the APIs used by a couple apps.