network equipment laying around

I've noticed a lot of network equipment laying around last Tuesday.
One near the lockers and some more in the office room. I believe they
were switches though I didn't check to make sure they weren't hubs.
Is anyone using them and what condition are they in?

They are kind of an as-is condition. Afaik, they should work. Thinking lan party usage?

Yes. I had originally arranged an agreement with a business to loan
out on their 32-port switch, but they fell through just last friday on
that agreement learning that their switch was damaged and completely
out of commission. Now i'm scrambling around trying to find the
necessary equipment. I personally have a 16bit 10/100mb unmanaged at
home but I would need a second switch to compliment

The switch on top of the lockers is mine and is currently non-functioning. I think I might have fried something in the power supply, I just have not had time to figure out for sure if that is the problem.

That said we have multiple 24 port 10/100 managed switches sitting around the hackerspace. Since many of them came from corporate environments it might be a good idea to make sure that they do not have any funky configurations before the day of the LAN party. I know when we were setting up the Hive13 network initially we ran into hard to diagnose issues because one of the switches we were using had VLANs set up so all computers could access the internet, but some computers on our network could not see other computers on the network.

alright thanks for the help. I'll test them tomorrow prior to the
meeting or after it. I appreciate the help

I know there are at least a couple of network switches that work because I traded a dumb non-rackmount 16 port for a dumb rackmount 16 port. The pile of network switches under the workbench kind of by the entrance to the dirty room are mostly working.
-Dave B.