Network Configuration

Hive13 Network Configuration

I have replaced the Linksys wireless device with a Smoothwall firewall (Gateway box [firewall /] ) for DHCP, DNS and iptables. The Linksys still handled wireless basically as a simple AP. I have changed the IP address of the Linksys AP to

I have setup a server (beige box 1U server in short rack [server01 /]) which is currently only configured to serve TFTP. IT is handling the PXE images.

Unless there is some objection, I am going to add this and more configuration info to the wiki here:

Yes! I should have been working on updating that. I’m glad somebody took the time to start working on the network. Thanks!

Also, I now have SSH running on server01. You have to connect on :2222

For my own sanity I ahve created a little PHP script that keeps track of that:

So, to SSH in I use:
ssh lwp-request [](`) -p 2222

For more extensive SSH tunneling into, just ask me…or Google.

For security and sanity SSH access for root has been disabled. You have to log in with you own account. Members can contact me directly for an account:

I can also setup the Smoothwall to handle port forwarding to other hosts should it be wanted/needed.

I registered that we could use. My Linksys at home
runs dd-wrt and automatically updates to dyndns; though it acts as the
gateway for my network. It should still be able to refresh the dyndns
IP in this case despite not being the gateway. Let me know what you

I don't know what model the Linksys at the hive is; but if it is
compatible with dd-wrt, I could probably come flash it this weekend.


in0x80, I am reasonable sure the linksys at the hive is not dd-wrt compatible, perhaps smoothwall can update a DDNS server? It seems like a feature it would have, or that we would be able to add on it.

i believe smoothwall has the capability, though we could run the dyndns client on any linux machine.

word to the third

The Smoothie does support DynDNS satisfy.

I’ll need ‘hostname’, 'domain, ‘username’, and ‘password’ to configure the Smoothie.

the smoothwall is not situated for acting as a pxe server; it has no
build tools or package manager. i built a statically linked tftpd on
my laptop, but it was linked against a different version of libc and
wouldn't run on the smoothwall.

i suggest we build the pxe server on one of the other spare machines.
hollar at spaceships.

This has already been done. For PXE, the smoothwall is only hosting the DHCP service. TFTP is hosted from the server (server01 Server01 is running Ubuntu Server 8.10 (Intrepid). My apologies if I was unclear on this point.

Just one more thing. When you ssh to the ext IP for the Hive on port 2222 you get forwarded to server01, not firewall.

aha! that explains my inability to login to ssh on *.1.1

Just out of curiosity, how current is this page:

I just updated some of the current configuration information, seconds ago.

I just noticed that the firewall was configured to limit bandwidth to 512/256kbsp. I have changed it to 10/1mbps. This should be greater than CBT is providing us. I also enabled traffic shaping to provide priority to VoIP, gaming, DNS and multimedia traffic.

However even after the change to the firewall configuration I am still only getting 657/422kbps. I’ll investigate further later. IF anyone has and helpful data on this please email me directly.

I also plugged the webcam back in; it got unplugged yesterday.

Excellent! We have been noticing VERY slow and sporadic connections over the past 1-2 weeks.


The network configuration is an ongoing source of pain. I and a few
others would like to see it have as little customized, undocumented
configuration as possible. We spent some time yesterday just trying to
get a connection between various parts of the network in-house, and
much anguish was involved. Something for discussion Tuesday.

I can ease your pain, Chris. I would like as much information documented as possible. I’ll try to make it on Tuesday.