Needlecraft Night 6/28

Hello hello!
June’s Needlecraft Night will be Friday, June 28th from 6-8pm!
As always, feel free to bring whatever project you’re working on, and hang out!
Bring snacks if you’d like! I think I might do pizza again this month, but am open to other suggestions!
Event is open to members and non members. I always have extra cross stitch supplies, as well as some yarn if anyone is interested in learning a new soft craft.
Looking forward to seeing you there!

I am not sure if anyone does Cross Stitch in the group, but I saw this and thought of the Needlecraft nights

While I’m not familiar with resistors, the fact that it is a functional cross stitch is awesome. I love it.

Yea, its kinda what I thought… it had a makerspace vibe to it.

Bumpity Bump! This is on Friday!

This is tonight! Hope to see you there!
I’ll be bringing chicken tenders!

We will be bringing some salad and hot sauce for the chicken!