Needing a Android tablet and could use some info please

I am in need of a “ok” android tablet. I don’t need anything to crazy however am trying to find one with bluetooth and wifi. I do not need anything likely over 16gb as long as it has a sd card slot in it. 2gb of ram would be nice however I am not being to picky and would be needing around a 8 inch screen or larger. Some of the data logging apps I use or car stuff as well as my micro usb borescopes that can plug into the micro port or have an adapter to go full size usb if the port is there. If anyone has a used one they would like to sell or part with or know if this is something one of the computer co ops would have ( I personally have not dealt with them yet so any input on who to talk to and where would be awesome). I am also working on some control stuff for my wifes camera as nikon has a android app for controlling things for taking pictures and plan on setting up her slr and controlling it remotely as well as some of the knock off go pro style cams at the ptdr events for the main reason. I got stuff working with my phone but when calls and texts pop up it screws with things bad lol. Thank you! any input would be awesome and if people know of any good deals we are cutting it close right now with the medical stuff.

Here’s what comes to mind:

The microSD slot in many tablets will let you store more media and documents, etc. However, it will not let you store more apps unless you get a newer model with android marsmallow’s adoptable storage. Shouldnt matter unless you need a lot of large apps at once. Most oc the biggest apps are games. You can use a usb otg adapter to connect a usb card reader for easier access to card if the slot is hard to get to or full size sd cards.

Tablets used to be 7" or 10" the vast majority of the time but now 8" is a more common option in between. Weight can be a significant tradeoff depending on how often you might hold it in the air for a while.

Do you plug this micro usb borescope into an android smartphone already? If so, it must already be wired for usb otg which is what you want. Some of the borescopes with a full size USB A connector like you’d find on a mouse could connect with a USB otg adapter but may not work on android if the need a certain windows driver and none of the Android viewer apps have added support for it.

The camera control app may add some shutter lag and not always a consistent amount but should be no worse than what you experienced with your phone.


Bore scope has an android app and is set up for that and plugs in via micro usb. It also comes with a adapter to connect it to a pc as well. The nikon WiFi adapter only works with an Android app for the wireless I have not found a way at all to get it to connect to pc and no hope online about that working either. Also a lot of these actions cams use android apps to control remote triggering and recording. I was hoping to try and go marshmallow to kit Kat hopefully. Hopefully between all of that and some of my car apps and data links for car stuff that would make life way easier because my laptop doesn’t get nearly the app support for things.

Kevin, got any older working smarter phones laying around? You could use one of them! without service, it won’t get calls or texts. and can still dial 911 in an emergency…

Granted , it won’t have the larger screen, but it should have the wifi, bluetooth and other things that you want… Plus it’s free if you already have one.


It could at least get you started until you find a tablet.

I have a toshiba thrive I never use anymore.

I may have a HP touchpad with Android too. Let me know.

Thank you so much to those that reached out to me, the fact of how hive members came to the aid of me to help with things I am working on to help get some motors squared away and be able to use the tablets for the obd2 software I run as well as the bore scope software. Also just to throw it out there since so many people came to my aid with helping me get things finished especially coy, lorin and a tablet that franklin might be selling to help get me going I will throw this out there. If people need help with reading sensors on their cars to the 20meter and 5 meter borescopes that I have that are waterproof for checking out auto, hvac, wiring, plumbing etc please let me know. These will also help a ton with the ptdr stuff Im trying to get figured out by san fran :slight_smile: Thank you again to ALL!!!

I’d be very curious which borescopes you came up with Kevin and how they work. I have my non-android one that is about 1 meter long but I’ve been eyeing some of the USB ones I’ve seen online.

I’d be very curious which borescopes you came up with Kevin and how they work. I have my non-android one that is about 1 meter long but I’ve been eyeing some of the USB ones I saw


I’ll bring the tablet down today. You rock, and are among the most generous, helpful, and fun people here. OBD on!


I have had really decent results from ones that I used that actually came from ebay. Of course they are not as armored or stiff as some of the short handheld ones but for 2m ones for under 10 bucks and up from there on size they are not bad lol. Even just poking a small hole in drywall to see how cables are ran in the house kind of stuff etc. I got some new ones ordered my last one went missing I’m pretty sure.

And thank you Lorin I will be down later tonight, got stuff with my dad’s b day today