Need to use Ultimaker

I’ve had a catastrophic failure on my flashforge and need to use the ultimaker. Can anyone fire me a rundown of how to set it up, like what software is working for it? I have my stls. Also is it WiFi or Sr card controlled?

if you need it printed today, we can always print it on our flashforge if you send me the files and whether you want abs or pla.

That would be awesome! I don’t need them today, but if I could get them this week it will tide my inventory over until my new motherboard arrives from china. Do you have a creator or a dreamer? I’ll send you a print file, to print in white abs, and a spool of filament and 6-pack of your choice for your trouble.

Creator pro. Not a problem! Any preference in color for the part?

It has to be white. I have material if you need it. Send me your email?

This email is just fine! Ok, im pretty sure we have white - I’ll double check this afternoon.

Weve got several rolls. Shoot me the file(s) and will get it printing