need to order component on digikey/Mouser


I would like to order components from digikey for $4. I don’t want to put more money in the shipping than on the parts. So, if everyone will order part soon let me know and we can share the cost.


How quickly do you need them? If it is not very fast, I can lump them in with my next order, probably sometime in next week. What do you need I’m getting to the point of having a lot of common stuff here in stock in my dungeon.

Thank you Dave. I need a zener diode of around 4.7 volts that can withstand around 20 mA. I will need 6 of it. If you don’t have it the ordering code at digikey is PTZTE254.3BCT-ND qty; 10


I have 24V SMB package 3W zeners, 24V SMA package 1W zeners but no 4.7V zeners.
How big of a rush are you in? It will be a few days before I get everything together on my end for an order.

Hey Julien,

I happened to need a quick order from Digikey last night, so I added
the 10 zeners to my order. I'll let you know when they get here!