Need to make a few cuts with a band saw this evening if possible.

Hi everyone,

I came to the meeting last week and met the people who were there but I’m sure there are a lot of you out there I haven’t me.

I’m not quite sure of how this works yet for non-members but I have a pre-fab media cabinet that I need to make a few small modifications to and was hoping to make a couple of small cuts on a few pieces with a band saw. It sounds like some people will be down there later today. Would it be ok if I came in during that time and did these cuts? I signed the waiver when I was there last time. I’m not sure if anything else is needed or if the use of that or a similar saw that can do smooth cuts requires certification.



Hi Joe,
As long as someone is there to let you in and be there with you (if you aren’t a member), you are welcome to use the band saw. I don’t believe there is any certification requirements. We also have a Makita cold chop saw that can cut metal. I think I saw Ryan was going to be down there welding…

I’m running a bit late, but on my way down now.

  • Ry