Need help with compressed air lines Wed or Thurs

I need help with the following:

Installing air drop & regulator for electronics (for de-soldering gun, circuit chilling, and paste dispensers). I’ve got all the parts ready (except pipe dope, do we have some at hive?). I just need a helping hand – also, I’m not so great with plumbing, so it’ll go better if I don’t do it by myself.

I’d prefer to do this Wednesday morning between 9am and noon. Thursday afternoon would work too.

Let me know if you’d like to help.


There is teflon tape near the glue. Not quite the same thing as pipe dope, but similar results.

This week as tomorrow or next week. Had to get CT scan done tonight, mri is moved to tomorrow now, and lol my internal stiches just ler go and I had to superglue it back shut lol so I’m down the next few days. If you are doing it next week I can work out something with you.