Need help ! stepper motor went out on printer

Hey everyone, Ryan helped me print the piece to fix my bowden tube and linear bearing holder on my ultimaker 2 and got i all back together. The Y axis motor had been acting up and making a little noise prior to the replacement of the piece and after getting back to printing again it finally is burned out. If any of the printing pros have an extra I buy buy / or borrow if you need it back until I figure out what replacement to get. This now brings up question number 2 for the 3d people, I know the internet is full of garbage and people with bs so what would be my best cost effective type or one to look for? I can’t express how much I appreciate the help from people I have gotten so far and sorry to be nagging again.
…Short story… Help my Y axis motor went out in my ultimaker and I need a new one lol

Isn’t that machine new??? Seems to me it would be under warranty.


It was used for their show display at events I believe because of the rolls of open filament in with it and a sd card with a few random prints that did nor come from the factory. Plus I have gotten a lot of use out of the printer so it is one I’m just going to pay the money for a new motor. Something that could have caused more wear on my part was getting the flow rate right. With trying larger prints sometimes it would be over extruding and dragging the nozzle a little but I got it dialed in now.