Need help setting up a new unix web servers.

Greetings fellow Makers.

We are setting up some new web servers for an upcoming project and I am looking for someone to help. I wasn’t super efficient years ago with unix when I muddled through it (lived in the Windows Server world for too long) and I have only gotten rustier with age. We are already paying for the infrastructure and have the hardware, which is why we need to build it ourselves instead of using a third-party hosting service.

Anyone got the skills/time to sit down with me for a couple of hours to set up the servers and work with me while I document the process? (so we can build out the next one without bugging you again) It would be paid work.

It will be a standard LAMP type installation with all the tools to do remote/web maintenance. (with ImageMagick and a few other extensions) Other services like backup and replication of files to secondary servers would also be necessary.



Ed - today’s Linux is a whole new creature!

Don’t be scared - they will walk you right through it:

It even has a LAMP option during installation.


Thanks TP. Yea, I am familiar with the workstation version of Ubuntu but didn’t know if there would be any overhead in installing the server version. I had created an installation CD and was going to try it. Ideally I would like to have the company move to something like OpenStack to support a more virtual/scalable environment at a lower cost - I just don’t know if the solution is mature enough. For now I am using the free version of VMWare to get started.