Need help loading crate for PTDR this afternoon

Dustin found a free crate very suitable for PTDR but we have to go pick it up.

I can borrow my friend's truck and pick it up this afternoon but I could really use some help loading it.

The guy has a fork truck and someone else to operate it but he's not sure how easy it will be to lift the far end as the forks probably won't easily pick it up longways as will be required to fit between the wheel Wells in the truck.

Is anyone available around 1:30-2:30 to help me?

Coy and Dustin helped pick it up and Dustin and I got it off the truck and onto the dock.

I had to get back to work so certain things like keeping it wheels side down had to be abandoned. So I look forward to some Hive13 ingenuity getting it onto the wheels and away from the edge.

I got the crate onto its wheels and away from the edge. Its surprising what you can do with a little leverage =P

Hell yeah guys sorry I did not check email earlier today