Need chemistry help

I need help / recommendations for phosphorescent pigment or paint. I need a short glow time (1-5 minutes), not the 5 hour stuff available commercially. Thinking ZnS + Cu or manganese (color not very important). Any suggestions?


I’ve been seeing commercials for a Rustoleum glow in the dark paint… would that work? it takes several coats for a ‘good’ glow so maybe a single coat won’t last that long?

this might be better


The orange MnS stuff might work from glow inc. I really need a short “glow time” and the more popular europium stuff lasts too long. I’m recording analog information on a moving spherical surface and then reading it at different points as it rotates. It needs to be bright and then decay to rewrite. The photodiodes need a good signal to noise ratio.

I could always brew my own ZnS with easily accessible chemicals, but this is often too short when I do it.