Need advice on OSS ecommerce solutions

I am in the process of redoing my website. My web monkey friend wants to try and use WordPress for the backend for content on the site. The question then becomes how to handle ecommerce. I’m fine with using paypal checkout for transactions because I don’t anticipate high volume. Does anyone have any experiences or recommendations they would like to share? Decent security, ongoing development and the ability to work with PayPal checkout are my only requirements. Integration with WordPress in some manner would be nice.

Any and all words of wisdom welcomed.

Will be hosted on an Apache 2.2 server with MySQL running fbsd if that matters. Low traffic.

I’m using zencart with wordpress. The integration is not automatic and patching can be a pain. The way I handle it is to put my production version into a repository (svn, git, etc) When a new version comes out, patch and test the repo. If all is working then juts sync production with the repo.

Chris Davis mentioned a Drupal thing that sounded interesting but may not work well with Wordpress. We might try the Drupal thing to handle stuff for the hive.


Limor (of Adafruit, major OSH vendor) is a huge fan of Zencart. So it seems.

She has a series of blogposts about tips and tricks. Check out

The hot new think on Drupal is Drupal Commerce, which is incredibly powerful but probably a bit of overkill if you if you are doing some simple low volume transactions. If your web monkey likes WordPress, stick with that. Developing a Drupal ecommerce site continues to improve, but it’s still a steep learning curve. I’ll ask my WP expert about good options.