need a two line lcd display


As part of my mad science prototyping I need an lcd display. One of the 16x2 HD44780 controlled units would be optimal, although anything HD44780 would be fine.

I know there are a bazillion places I can buy them, but I have a ton at home and only need to use one for a few days of prototyping while I am here and would prefer not to buy yet another one at digikey's inflated prices or have to pay shipping from another supplier since digikey is the only parts buy I am planning to make right now.

If anyone has one I can borrow for a week or so, could you give me a yell?


I have a white on black 16x2 that I’m not using at the moment. You can borrow it if you can wait until the meeting tomorrow night to get it.

By the way, I think there’s one in the spare components bins by the electronics station (with all the computer accessories). I think it’s in an upper left bin. Who knows if it’s working or not, though…


Thanks, I can get it back to you before I leave at the end of the month. And I will check and see if the one in the bin is working. I will be at the space tomorrow night.

Very cool. Saves me from having to order an unneeded thing. Thanks again.