Need a GSM flip or dumb phone

Hey all,

Anyone happen to have a working flip phone / dumb phone I could use? I need a GSM phone for my SIM (unlocked or T-mobile, ATT). Thought I’d ask before I spend money on something someone likely has sitting around.

I am downgrading.


I just had to grab a replacement for my dad…one of the Samsung convoy 2 flip phones and ebay had crazy deals if unable to find one. I picked up one with shipping for under 30 bucks and it’s a stout flip phone. I’ll ask around and see if any people have some.

I have an old Nokia GSM dumbphone (not one of the legendary bricks, just an X2-01), and an Android one that is international GSM and runs whatever OS is 47 versions behind. Do either of those sound like what you need?

We have a whole basket full that are meant to be recycled at the zoo but you are welcome to look through and take what you want!

Sounds good. I’ll be at the meeting on Tuesday. Could you guys bring said bricks so I can check em out?

Emerging from 2 months without cell coverage made me realize that my smart phone stresses me out, a lot.


I will be on vacation next week, but let me know if you’re still in need of one.