Name Voting Results

Decided to start another thread for the results of the poll each day.

Day 1 stats:

214 votes on 20 suggestions from 14 people

  1. Hive13 (hive one three)
  2. Foundry for Kids Who Can’t Read Good and Want to Learn to Do Other Stuff Good Too or FKWCRGWLDOSGT for short :wink:
  3. 513forge
  4. Foundry
  5. The Bakery

I think that all names can have the word “the” in front of them so no need to suggest those alternatives.

I was never really clear on exactly what we are naming. Some things that can use these names are things like the business name, an alternate (dba formed) name, the buildings name or the groups name.

We can also merge names if we want.

Hive13: FKWCRGWLDOSGT :wink:

Or we can divide the work areas by name. The SW hacking area be Hive and the Electronics/Workshop area be 513Forge/Foundry, etc. Combination work could be published with things like “Hive|Foundry production”

I figure we will let this poll go one more day and see if any suggestion changes ranks much. If there is no real change then we will probably stop the poll and decide what name is for what.


Oh, I should also repost the link:

If if you haven't done so already, check back to the site to make sure
you have voted for all suggestions.


I figured it would be hard to totally decide 110% what the name will
be until we've all seen the place we're going to rent/lease. Of course
it's always nice to have something to go by.

I would like to get the name settled so we can start working on fun things while we wait for the place…like images, logos, webspace, domain names, etc. So I would at least like to settle the group name issue.

yeah, i'm already sketching some draft logos around the foundy, and
the bakery themes.

how about we settle on a top 3 names, and get to work on them?
get every artist to do treatments for all 3 names, and take the
presented logos, font suite, color schemes, etc for a vote by all?

on that note, i'm a decent artist, who else can draw/illustrate?
should we all work alone, or brainstorm in a group once the top 3 are

Amanda (my g/f) is a graphic artist (w/ a degree). I’m sure she’d be happy to come up w/ some draft logos.

I think something like this for “The Bakery” would be cool, but maybe w/ more technical reference about it (cyborg muffin anyone?)

I wanna see a cupcake with borg implants. But that's just me.

The Bakery: i'm working on a circular logo, soviet propaganda
illustrative style, 2 color.
a mad scientist, in silhouette, one hand in a raised fist, the other
holding a loaf of bread forward. the bread has fangs and frankenstein
neck bolts.

The Foundry: working on diamond logo, monochrome. A large sledge
hammer with the schematic symbol for an AND gate etched on the side,
poised to smash a circuit board with capacitors that look suspiciously
like the cinci skyline.

should we start a new topic on the art?

and are Hive13, and The Bakery, and The Foundry the assumed top 3?

or shall we wait on the second poll to finish?

Yeah maybe we should start an Art/Domain discussion thread.

As of right now it’s:

262 votes on 20 suggestions from 16 people

  1. Hive13
  2. The Foundry
  3. 513Forge
  4. The Bakery

The Foundry and 513 Forge are probably similar art styles so we can probably group those 2 together.

Also we need to see what is available for domain names so we can secure one. The more unique names are easy: (.com is taken)
hiveonethree.(any TLD)
513forge.(any TLD)

But names like Foundry and Bakery we will have to be more creative with.

I like the ideas so far for artwork. Can’t wait to see them!


for hive13 a logo could be some sort of hex pattern (like in a beehive) with 513 in it somewhere or a robotic bee with 513 stamped into the metal.

Final Voting Results

282 votes on 20 suggestions from 17 people

  1. Hive13 (11 likey / 4 no likey)
  2. The Foundry (6 likey / 3 no likey)
  3. The Bakery (7 likey / 6 no likey)

So Hive13 has won by a fairly decent margin. I will purchase domain names for it now. We can always call the building the #2 or #3 pick but the group should be called Hive13.


Seconded for Hive13.


before we go too far, too fast,
there were 20 suggestions. many of these suggestions overlap, and it
seems there should be a run-off poll with only 3 choices.

for example, the foundry had 6 in favor. the foundry for kids,etc,etc
has 7 in favor. 513 forge (related) has 6. foundry has 5. foundry 513
has 5

i am sure there is overlap, and this is why i ask for a run off poll,
to clarify the results, and make sure the winner is undisputed.

though i dislike the name "the hive" as it has negative connotations
as a medical condition, or, the loss of individual identity, i am
willing to accept it, if it wins cleanly.

may we please conduct a runoff before going too far?

We can but there really isn’t an issue of in terms of having multiple similar names (overlap) because it is possible to vote yes for ALL the ones you like. This is cumulative. If anything, all the people voting for similar names should have the same tally. I think it is obvious that the majority votes that everybody is ok with is Hive13. The votes were not close enough for a run off poll.

On another note (possibly related note) I saw your wish list requires a decent amount of space / supplies. I really like the ideas you had. Depending on how big our initial enrollment is it maybe hard to get both the supplies and space. In the short term what may work is to shoot for something smaller and build up our membership. Once we have a larger membership perhaps buy a work area for heavier machinery. One good thing is the software peoples membership fees will mainly go to rent because they will not need much equipment (assuming they bring their own or use donated boxes) so we should have more to add for getting bigger supplies. We may need to rent a larger workspace for this machinery later (like the carlift or kiln). It would make sense to use the bigger more industrial area as the Foundry or the Bakery.

Plus having a name does not limit having a workspace called the foundry or whatnot. It’s simply a web domain that we can use for shorthand in communication with the group and a reprenstation of the group as a whole.

Unfortunately with such a large diverse group I doubt anything we vote on will win “cleanly” (meaning 100%). We will just have to go with majority and make it work. I really like having such a diverse group with such different opinions and I would really like to see this work but there will be lots of compromises along the way.