Nail gun VOTE (and discussion) - $400 for bigger nail guns

I’d like to start a vote/discussion about expanding our pneumatic nail gun arsenal.

The VOTE would be for up to $400.

I’ll do an inventory tonight but I think we really only have a 18 gauge Brad nailer and the polymer gun for the CNC (which we should dedicate to the CNC because it is special for the polymer nails).

I’m thinking we would want a framing nailer (straight magazine).
This uses bigger nails with flat heads for assembling wooden structures.
The Hitachi is pretty popular:


Finishing nailer (15 or 16 gauge).
This is the big brother to the 18 gauge nailer we have. Slightly thicker nails for heavier duty applications.
The Hitachi is also pretty popular:


Palm nailer. (used for close up, hard to reach locations)

The Bostich is highly recommended.


The other brands are in this price range so I feel $400 should cover it.
Let’s talk in the thread about options/thoughts on different brands.

I support this. I was frustrated just yesterday not being able to find anything useful for holding some fixture blocks to the outfeed table for a glue up I was doing.

One thing I’d suggest in addition: develop a list of nail gauges/lengths Hive13 will keep stocked and get them in the vote. We should either buy or build an organizer so wardens can glance in and reorder anything with low stock regularly.

This vote is scheduled to happen tomorrow at the meeting.


The nail guns have arrived and I unpacked them and put them in the hand tool area of the workbench.

Pappa bear (framing nailer)

Hitachi framing nailer.jpg

Mama bear (15g nailer)

Hitachi 15g nailer.jpg

Baby Bear (palm nailer)

Bostitch palm nailer.jpg

I was able to get one box of framing nails in the order.

Framing nails.jpg

So you can play with the framing nailer like I did and super attach the workbench top to the support frame. :grinning:
The palm nailer is kind of fun. Sounds like a hungry woodpecker as it hammers a nail into a board.

We will put in an order for a nice selection of 15g finishing nails and framing nails.
If you have a humongous project it is a courtesy to bring your own consumables, but for general stuff we will have nails to use.

Please ask for help if you don’t know how to use any of them. They will solidly attach you to anything between the nailgin and it’s target.

I don’t know if we have an pneumatic oil for periodic lube of the innards. We should get a dripper bottle of the stuff.