Myth of Dust Explosion

So there’s been some concern recently that the dust collection is going to lead to problems with fire, etc. I think this article addresses those fears pretty well. Further it points out that the filter is the most likely source of problems, first because it collects the fine dust, and second because it likely just put all the dust right back into the air.

Makes sense.

Most pro shops suspend put their filters outside. Also makes it easier to empty them.

This brings us full circle to what I think Andrew is talking about: not spitting a whole bunch of sawdust out the window. Rather, what we’re talking about is a substitute for what factories and pro shops do by putting the filter outside. We simply have air exchange that takes the dust that gets through the filter and exchanges it with fresh outside air.

Some HVAC systems have this feature for people who are really concerned about allergies, medical facilities, etc. They have intake from outside, and the filtered air goes back outside.

Am I right Andrew?

Air exchange, not dust thrower.

If I’m wrong and you are really just interested spraying 100% sawdust out the window, that sounds:

  1. More fun
  2. Healthy
  3. Not as courteous


I am not as concerned with fire given the amount that is going out ( I originally thought we were tossing out a lot more given how dusty the hive gets).

I guess the way I am looking at it is not blowing it outside from and elevated area so it doesn’t blow any which way and we end up with fronk or josh upstairs having a problem with it. If I lived there and went outside to have a cigarette, enjoy the weather, or especially grill lol, and I see a small dusty plume shooting out of a tube in the air lol im putting on the biggest boots I could and searching for an entry point in someone for that as they have no idea what is blowing out.

If we are able to downpipe it from the window to a 55 gal drum we will be able to minimize dust In a huge way by using a foam oiled filer, cyclone effect with no water, or possibly even have the ability to tap into a down spout and put a reservoir over flow hole to not allow the water to raise past a certain area. This could be done very cheap and I honestly think we could have a lot of fun testing different theories. We could even make it a design challenge and have a free camp washington dinner be the prize for best capture method. Hell we could even throw in a trophy :slight_smile: lol.

Just shooting it right out the window falls under the bad old word “hive quality” Honestly lets have some fun with it and that way if someone takes notice of blowing stuff out the window, having a dust collecting contraption even if only 50% effective still would keep it from blowing around up in the air. It would keep dust from getting all over cars that may be out there, and overall would likely remove any complaints.

Not if… but when we are successful we post our research and a scaled 3d printable version lol :slight_smile: and hive13 will not only be known nationwide for ptdr but being able to handle the blowing of anything and containing it…XD

(sorry been up a very very long time taking care of katie that got a wicked stomach bug from work and I am very very sleep deprived)

Honestly I think this would be something cool to play around with designs and its not going to cost barely anything. Even if a few people just want to have some fun and make a wager possibly? Would it be better having some fun playing around with designs or dealing with nasty passive aggressive post it notes, texts, or a letter from garden st. ?


I may be wrong but its not technically an air exchanger because a bit of dust is making it past our filters. I know that higher end filters would make it and air exchanger but right now its kind of like the drywall dust that makes it past the multi layer shop vac filter…enough to be a annoyance.

Now expanding on the blowing of sawdust you speak of :slight_smile: If we had a down pipe couldn’t we blow the system out into a drum to clean it out good then just dump it in the dumpster? That would really give some airflow if we cleaned most of it out, had the filters out, and ran the system out the downpipe to clear it out good and use it for the vac tube message sending one way to the parking lot lol and very high velocities !!!