My welding helmet

Someone left my miller welding helmet out. While several of you have asked to use it (which I have no problem with as long as you take care of it) I do not want it left around. This helmet was a couple hundred dollars and I don’t really want to see it get trashed like many of the tools left around the Hive. If I find it left out again it will not be left at the Hive anymore.

I used your helmet last weekend, and left it out on the welder because that’s where I found it. I just assumed it was still there from the last time you were working on your smoker.

I’ll make a point to stow it in your locker henceforth, regardless of initial location.

The box for my helmet is missing. I spent about 5 min looking for it and gave up. if anyone knows where the miller helmet box is I would appreciate it back.

Helmet is in my truck for the time being. If it is needed contact me.

I originally read this a wedding helmet. I was trying to imagine what a wedding helmet was, then I read the posts. It all makes sense now and I feel like an idiot.