My UC class and HIVE13 activities

About 8 students have joined HIVE13 as part of a course with me at UC. I will not be doing any of the class teaching at the hive, but I will be having informal “hive hours” where I will be there to help them in small group or one on one activities. My intention is that they become active members of the community and make some cool stuff. So they will primarily be working on projects in the same manner that we do.

However, please let me know if you have any insights (complaints, contributions, etc). Also, please do kick all of our asses if we need it. Finally, if anyone wishes to make themselves more available as a resource for my students feel free, I can get you introduced. They would love to simply see all the great stuff you are working on. Plus, I know very little about many topics and may like to encourage them to ask here on this list or at meetings, etc, rather than rely on my limited expertise.

Thank you all, and I look forward to bringing these new members here. They are all stellar people.

Finally, for the record, my schedule of times for students to consult with me at the hive are:

Not a big deal, as the above times are informal. Thought I should share so all of us know.



Neat, what is the class?

Let your students know that if they have any questions I’m more than happy to help with what I can!

Class is an Experiments in Media Art. They're doing things like making installations, instruments, and other imaginative stuff that integrates technology, science, modernity, etc. Heck of a broad area...