My Introduction

I just wanted to write a little message to introduce myself after
being silent on this list for so long. I am a graduate of the
University of Louisville where I studied electrical engineering (BS/
MEng) and am going to be coming back to the NKY/Cinci area (my
hometown) after spending a year and a half abroad in Germany on a
Fulbright grant and later internship. I have been on this list after I
found out about it from the LVL1 group in Louisville which was sadly
really just forming as I was leaving the area for Germany. I will not
be returning until probably April some time but I wanted to send a
message out now, especially if any of you know of any interesting,
creative ECE jobs in the area that may have openings, and to hopefully
signal my more active participation in this ListServ and in the
actual, physical organization when I get myself settled back in the

Schöne Grüße aus Deutschland and I hope you all have a wonderful