My firm's technical problem...redux

Good people of the HIVE13:

Hope you enjoyed the locks last night. Sounded like hella good fun.

My little firm is still looking for some wizardry with regard to our
little/pervasive piracy problem. If you'd like to hear a bit more
about it, please feel free to contact me directly and get some
details. Again, if we are able to wrangle even a few of these 300-odd
user groups back into the "legit user" fold, it would be worth some
significant coin. $!

Give me a shout and I'll be happy to provide some details about the
product in use, where these users are, some ideas about potentially
reaching them....etc. In the meantime, I go, back to lurking...

Fuzz's buddy

HIVE13 Folks:
Thanks for taking the time to hear a bit about my family firm's
"problem" at your last meeting. I really appreciate the time and
If you'd like to hear more - no strings attached, as they say -
contact me at this alias I've set up: Probably
using that than using the ol' company stuff.
I can give you more information if and when I hear from you. Thanks
and go, HIVE13!
PayUp $$$