My electric motorcycle project

Was just looking for some feedback from anyone willing to listen to my
incoherent ramblings...

I have the chassis for this little project, a 1989 Honda VTR 250, its
almost full stripped, just have to drop the engine... found the bike
with a bad CDI box, for next to nothing, steel frame so it will be
easy to weld.

Now, here is what I'm thinking for this project. I've been looking on
ebay for somethings but I haven't found everything I need. The motors
that I have found on ebay and such, people are getting top dollar for
the motors since people like me are looking for them for projects like

48v Motor, relay, controller, Kit # 2C - 24 to 48 Volt System Series
w/ PM Motor some
controllers have built in dc to dc converters but not sure if thats
what i want yet...

On-Board Battery Charger not essential but would be nice,

A DC to dc converter to take the 48v system down to 12v to run the
lights and the horn on the bike

And some cheap batteries.... haven't decided on the batteries yet, it
all depends on where I can get 4, 12v batteries.. or 2, 24v
batteries. I would have more versatility with sealed batteries but
lead acid will be much cheaper. Ideally, I would like to use
something like Optima yellow tops but I'm not set on anything yet and
the yellow tops are expensive.

Would like to try and get 15 miles out of a charge with a top speed
of 45mph.

So.... here we go....


Not sure how they compare price-wise to but this site has
quite a good selection of things you'll need

I looked a that company, the only difference is they use a different
brand of controller, and they don't offer that motor combo with a 48v
and look at the EMC-RT Drive Kit, that is the same motor, but with a
72v controller and a larger contactor/soleniod. Since I'm planning on
running a 48v setup, I don't need all that extra, It would be cool to
run a 72v, (more power!) but that means more batteries($), bigger
charger($), and need to find home for the extra batteries. For what
I'm trying to get out of the bike, I'm going to try and stick with the
48v, I already have all the wiring (4g) I would need so that is good
news. Really just need to find some scrap steel plate for mounting the
motor to the bike now.