my 2 cents

My thinking is the hacker ethic promotes a community of people sharing
knowledge freely.

The more people that attend these talks, the better. They improve
everyone's experience by bringing knowledge and questions. Anyone who
attends these talks is participating in the community.

If someone isn't attending the talks (which are free and open to the
public), contributing their own talks (which would be an acceptable
form of membership in my mind, even if they weren't paying members),
or contributing money to alleviate the very real financial burdens of
having a space like this, how are they a part of our community?

It's a two way road. Being part of the hacker community means having
access to the research of your peers, but it also means taking on a
responsibility to contribute to the community in some way.

I want to live in a world where hive13 exists, not one where it folded
because we didn't know how to ask for money. People want these places
to exist, and unless we tell them we are in need of money, they won't
know, and probably won't give it. Whether that means hustling our
(free) videos to try to gain recognition or only providing them with
membership, I lean toward promoting them as widely as possible, but
expecting a donation to watch them. I think we are doing a disservice
to the community to not communicate our financial needs.

On a personal note, I am for releasing the videos after a period of
time (a year?). My beef with copyright is it lasts too long, not that
it exists in the first place.

Note: This is in regards to the classes thread. Its my first time
posting, so I started a new thread on accident.

I believe the end consensus was to release the videos for free after a time. But the time is just how long it takes us to make them look nice. The videos will be immediately uploaded to Hive13 member servers and a more production quality release will then be worked on. When it’s done we will release it to the public for free.

We had a lot of discussions about membership, money and classes at Saturdays board meeting. No real consensus yet but I believe Dave will be sending out an email with what was talked about to solicited more feedback. These involve a donation tier, a small class free where the instructor gets half and the hive gets have unless you are a member. The videos and online material of the classes will be free. And maybe some sponsorship ideas. This is just the bullet points of what was discussed. A more detailed email will go out shortly I’m sure.

I plan on brining my camcorder to your class to film and Int0x80 mentioned making some loop tracks that we can use specifically for our videos. With a bit of practice I think we can produce some really good high quality instructional videos for the community for free.

Because Hive13 rocks :wink: