multihead 3D printer - DIY (mostly)

Would this be of interest at Hive?

It’s multi (at least 2) head 3D printer that can be built from scratch, except for 3 machined parts.

I’d like to wait for this:

Looks cool!

The Jubilee toolchanger is designed to be compatible with the E3D tool changer,
it’s just a DIY version. Don’t know if the Jubilee people paln on changing the carbon fiber bar

to machined Al, like E3D have.

From what I've seen, Jubilee is the open source name for the tool changer design from e3d.

Up next on my list of projects is to get the gigabot running well; I had the idea of adding that tool changer tech to the gigabot later. Could add some cool possibilities, and the gigabot has plenty of space for it.

It doesn't look like the creator of Jubilee has any affiliation with E3D. I'd wait to ensure compatibility with whatever E3D decides they're going to do.

The cable drive for the tool retention in the head looks badass, BTW.

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