Mrs. Pac Man seems Busticated

It powers on, but only seems to show that it’s in Free mode.

I’ve found the arcade manual online – I’ll look at it tomorrow night to see if I can identify what’s broken and go from there.

If anyone has any clues to save me some troubleshooting, feel free to share :slight_smile:


I have a tip! Do NOT touch the back of the glass tube, as I am sure you know. We prefer alive Ian to dead Ian.

Ian (+),

The Ms. PacMan is mine. I own getting it fixed and/or removed. It is
built into the bar unit and will likely need to be exposed for
service. I got it from a buddy and will talk to him about fixing it.
It has an original circuit board and the last problem lay there. You
are welcome to do some basic troubleshooting to see if you can fix it,
if you are safe and qualified and don't make it worse; otherwise, I'll
get to it.


The Ms. PacMan game is now UN-BUSTICATED. There is a slide switch on
the coin door to put it into PLAY or TEST mode. The switch was slid
from TEST back to PLAY and it seems to work ok fine again. Not sure
why anyone needed to root around inside the unit. There are no coins
in it. It is setup for free play. Enjoy using it!