MRO vote

The time frame for our prior vote for the MRO budget has finished its 6 months period.

While there has been discussion for a better way to implement this, we are going to need funding before that can be completed. so…

Jim Dallam suggested that a $250 per month budget was more appropriate and I agree.

So, I propose a vote for $250 per month for MRO over the next six months.


This is an increase from $150 per month. Why?

$150 was close but in some cases not quite enough. We ended up putting a few MRO items under the warden budget just to squeeze them in. The warden budget is already excessively tight. There should be some extra room in the MRO budget at $250. If it’s not used then it doesn’t get spent.

Explanation from the last vote:

What’s an MRO and what can you make with it?

MRO is an acronym for Maintenance, Repair, and Operations. Kind of like a greatly expanded “office expense” category for a lot more than just an office.

Why do we need it?

We used to buy things like furnace filters, paper towels, markers and pencils and other things out of the warden budget. That doesn’t sound like it would reach $150/mo but furnace filters alone are about $10 each and we have 2 furnaces with 2 filters each and we are now replacing them every two weeks. Plus lots of small stuff that just adds up.

If you have questions, please ask. I have been neck deep in the details and tend to forget that others have no clue about them.

I vote Yes.

Thanks for doing all the work on this John.

I vote yes

I of course vote Yes.

I vote yes



I vote yes

I vote yes

Vote YES.