MRO budget renewal

The current MRO vote is expiring this month.

I propose a vote to renew it for $250 per month for MRO over the next eight months. To be replaced when we are able to merge this into the existing bylaws.


Why eight months instead of six?

Six months falls right at the annual general meeting when we have elections and normally vote on bylaw changes. For the sake of continuity it makes sense not to have to also have to reauthorize the MRO vote at the same time.

The MRO budget essentially expands the warden budget. It mainly covers things that are general and don’t relate to warden areas or tools. Such as furnace filters, paper towels, PPE supplies, markers and pencils and other things not related to warden areas or tools.

The warden budget is fixed in the bylaws at $250 per month.

Explanation again from the last vote:

What’s an MRO and what can you make with it?

MRO is an acronym for Maintenance, Repair, and Operations. Kind of like a greatly expanded “office expense” category for a lot more than just an office.

Why do we need it?

We used to buy things like furnace filters, paper towels, PPE supplies, markers and pencils and other things out of the warden budget. That doesn’t sound like it would reach $250/mo but furnace filters alone are about $10 each and we have 2 furnaces with 2 filters each and we are now replacing them every two weeks. Plus lots of small stuff that just adds up.

If you have questions, please ask. I have been neck deep in the details and tend to forget that others have no clue about them.

furnace filters are good!


If we clearly need this budget, why are we not just voting to make it permanent? we can always vote to remove or increase it later… I would also once again put out that I feel this should just be part of the Warden’s budget, we should just be voting to increase that.

MRO is a temporary work around the inflexible warden budget in the bylaws at $250/month. The plan is to permanently change the warden’s budget and to make it flexible and include the next time we change the bylaws. I agree that it’s a crappy solution.

I vote YES.

I vote no. Let’s just make it indefinite as MRO, or post the bylaws change required to make it part of warden budget.

I vote Yes!




Vote Results:

No: 1
Yea: 10
Abstain: 1

The Yea has it. This vote passes.

I agree with John, Kevin and I guess others who would like to see the Bylaws amended to serve us better. I will offer to work on them with whoever is interested.