Move Workdays - Bring out your trucks, it's time to move the woodworking shop!

We will be having workdays both days again this weekend. Saturday and Sunday from 10:00am-3:00pm.

We have work ready for several teams of people, of whatever skill level you can provide. The main task areas you can help with are:

  • Moving the woodworking shop equipment
  • If you have a truck and/or trailer, bring it please
  • We have Dave B’s truck onsite
  • Everything in the woodshop is fair game to move over to the new building, except member storage shelves- Electrical Termination
  • 100% of the woodshop’s cable has been pulled, none terminated
  • Need people to wire and install the plugs and wire up the distribution panel
  • labels got messed up, so will need to use a multi-meter to verify what cables go where.
  • Low physical demand, but does require comfort with electrical work- Pulling Cable
  • Panel Y (lasers, machine shop, dirty crafts) in installed and hooked up
  • No cable yet pulled, need to run cable for these circuits
  • Physically demanding, minimal preexisting skill required- Member Storage
  • Assemble 2 more pallet racks for project parking
  • tape out project parking zone
  • cut, fit, and screw down plywood on member storage racks- Miscellaneous
  • Tape out “warning” zones on floor around electrical equipment and furnaces
  • bring drywall that is still on the 1st floor up to our space
  • Install door on front stairwell
  • Clean windows (need buckets of water and scrub brushes, not just Windex and cloth)
  • Install screws in table top of table already moved to the new building
    We are making huge progress! thank you so much everyone who has been helping!


Kevin M.
Hive13 Secretary


Thanks for the excellent summary.

I’d like to help Saturday on Wire Termination if that supports the need.

See ya there,

Kevin (et al),

EXCITING! I’ll be in on Saturday.

I can bring a 6x12 UHaul trailer and tow it - if that’ll help.

I am comfortable terminating electricity. Even pulling cables - just like the good 'ole college days. NOT a ladder man.


I will be on vacation returning on 7/1. I hate to miss this one. I will be at the first one you have when I return. Thank you and the leadership team for all of your efforts during this move.


James, that would be great! please do!

Rob, everyone deserves a vacation, enjoy yourself! There will be workdays every thursday evening and every weekend from here till we are done moving I think, so please show up when you can.

I'll be at 2701 (new hive) at 10:00, let's meet there.

Doug and I will be available Sunday with pick up trucks. Probably arriving around 11

I am here, and the corner door is unlocked

Oops - I’m at the old Hive loading dock.


Done today:

  • wood shop electrical outlets installed 70%
  • Wood shop cable labels sorted out
  • Panel Y brackets hung for bundle routing, 2 cables pulled
  • Storage - 2 pallet racks assembled in project parking area, need cleaned
  • Front stair door worked on, not finished

Didn’t have enough people to be worth splitting teams to do more than that, nothing moved

Thanks to everyone who came out today!

-Kevin M.

I’ll be down shortly.

I guess I didn’t do a good job reading the subject line of this thread as I didn’t realize that we should begin moving the woodshop. Instead we spent several hours and fout truckloads moving tables, chairs, popcorn maker, kitchen stuff and other incidental things that didn’t require boxes. I’d be happy to do more moving on a weekday evening this coming week and actually do wood shop stuff.